Myth Busters

  • Jujama is one of those one-size–fits-all conference apps.


    JUJAMA is not a cookie-cutter app.

    Jujama actually specializes in high-quality apps fully customized to the needs of your event, with an attention to detail unmatched by the cookie-cutter, $1,500 alternatives. With a Jujama app, you are paying to give your attendees a specific experience unique to your event, and your event only

    You do not have to shoehorn our app into your event–we will custom fit your event platform to fit your unique brand.

  • Having a conference app AND a desktop platform is like wearing a belt with suspenders.


    It is beneficial to have a conference app and a desktop platform.

    If you plan on having an interactive mobile app where your audience can network before and after your event, having a designated platform they can access from their desktops is most advantageous.

    This allows your audience the ability to perform their due diligence from their computer and then use the mobile app while on the go.

  • Native event apps are way better than HTML apps. Or HTML apps are way better than native apps. And anyway, a conference app is one or the other, it can’t be both.


    JUJAMA apps are customized to fit your needs.

    It’s true that native and HTML 5 apps work differently. Basically, a native app will be available in the app stores and has to be approved by the stores before it will be available for your audience. It is stored on your device and only needs an Internet connection to refresh data.

    An HTML 5 app is a mobile website and does not need to be submitted to an app store for distribution. An HTML 5 app does require an Internet connection to run. At Jujama, we have the best of both worlds.

    Our Basic app is stored on your device (iPhone/iPad/Android devices) and runs there using existing data, whereas our Basic Plus app requires an Internet connection to use a variety of the tools designed for networking. That way, we can craft the app that best fits the needs of your unique event, whether you’re just getting started with event apps, or your participants demand the whole enchilada.

  • I have to call a year in advance to get my event app ready for my conference.


    JUJAMA can produce a basic HTML 5 app in just a few days!

    In a perfect world, you would plan several months ahead to get your event app designed and launched.

    But in reality, Jujama can produce a basic HTML 5 app with no customization in just a few days, and a native app in about three weeks—longer, of course, if you want a lot of customization.

    So if life has gotten the better of your calendar, don’t despair. We can still help!

  • Attendees find conference platforms confusing and hard to use.


    If an attendee can use social media, they'll feel comfortable with the JUJAMA platform!

    While some event platforms are indeed hard to figure out, Jujama’s platform and mobile app are designed for ease of use. We train you so you can help your attendees, but anyone who uses social media will be familiar with the navigation of Jujama.

  • I can just go to a DIY app site and create an OK app for my event.

    TRUTH… but really?

    JUJAMA provides 24-hour support.

    Depends on what you mean by “OK.”

    We work with a lot of clients who have gone this route and realize that they need the next level of service. We provide 24-hour support for your audience and will do the heavy lifting for you. This will free your time up to concentrate on the other aspects of your job, while we focus on what we are experts at.

    Also our process results in an app your event can be proud of, not a baseline “OK enough” app that in retrospect you wish did not have your name on it.

  • Event apps are a flash in the pan. If we keep ignoring them, they will go away.


    Event attendees will expect an app. Provide them with one that works!

    Today’s world moves fast and everyone wants information instantly. The best way for you to provide information to your event audience is with a mobile app.

    In addition, there are many other benefits of having a mobile app, such as generating additional revenue by branding sponsors; saving on printing costs; helping the environment; instantly informing your audience of changes or announcements.

    On top of this, people just expect an event app now. It’s a credibility issue for your organization.

  • I can’t possibly get or afford an (insert wish list feature here) on my app!


    JUJAMA developers will work with your specifications to provide the app you need and want!

    So false! At Jujama, the short answer to “Can I get such-and-such” is almost always “yes.”

    Our developers can work to your specifications, regardless of how unique they may be.

  • You can’t access a mobile app after the event.


    You can access your JUJAMA app from 30-60 days after the event.

    You will have access to your event app for anywhere from 30-60 days after the event, depending on your preference. We also run year round communities that keep the platform live conference to conference.

  • There is no training on using the administrative functions of an event app. You’re just on your own.


    JUJAMA will train both the admin and attendees!

    At Jujama, we specialize in customer service, so we would never leave you without the training you need to succeed.

    One of our team members will work with you as often as necessary to guarantee that you have a thorough understanding of every feature of your app. Jujama provides 24/7 support for your event.

    We even offer onsite support to help attendees with the app so you are free to manage the rest of the event.

  • Jujama is pretty much like the other event platforms and mobile apps.


    Contact JUJAMA to get a taste of our secret sauce!

    We have a lot of features that we KNOW our competitors do not have—but you will have to contact us to get a taste of our secret sauce.

  • Event app customers don’t care about customer service, they just want their app.


    JUJAMA is PA Bio's favorite partnering system vendor.

    Let’s ask Karen DeLone, VP of Member Services & Programs from Pennsylvania BIO, about Jujama’s customer service: “I don’t know how we could have done some of our events without Jujama. Their customer service is unparalleled, they’re cost-effective and they’re willing to adapt. As we have expanded, they’ve grown with us. Jujama is our favorite partnering system vendor!”