Service Summary

Virtuoso is the travel industry’s leading luxury network, with more than 340 member travel agencies in twenty countries around the world, plus a network of over 1,300 travel providers that deliver premium services for travellers. Virtuoso Travel Week is an annual event that brings together these luxury travel professionals to network with one another and learn about options for travel clients. Virtuoso Travel Week 2014, the 26th year for the conference, saw a record number of attendees—more than 4,400 people from 92 countries. The theme was Enriching Lives Through Human Connection. JUJAMA provided the event platform and mobile app, branded the “Travel Exchange.”

Nadia Dailey, President of JUJAMA, Inc., said, “JUJAMA customizes the user interface for each conference organizer, so for Virtuoso attendees—luxury travel agents and destination managers accustomed to the best—we were able to provide not only premium research and meeting-request capabilities, but also easy personal schedule building, full in-conference social networking, and a feature to manage invitation-only dinners and receptions, including a beautiful HTML invitation that hoteliers and property owners used to reach out to select prospects for those events. JUJAMA’s interface is designed to maximize the productivity of every attendee at a conference.”

The figures bear out that goal. Since 2011, when JUJAMA began powering the Travel Exchange platform, more than 25,000 in-conference meetings have been requested at Virtuoso Travel Week using the JUJAMA platform. The conference software—populated using registration data so that every attendee appears effortlessly in the index­—allows individuals and companies to make brochures, videos, personal profiles and other promotional information public to conference goers a month before the event. The information is easy to search, follow and tag as a favorite, so attendees arrive at the venue fully informed and prepared to make the most of every moment. At the conference, JUJAMA allows organizers to push alerts to attendees on their mobile devices for last minute room changes and schedule reminders. There are even informal social networking tools so that old friends can get together for dinner during the conference, keeping in touch in real time on their mobile devices—because, echoing the 2014 conference theme, JUJAMA knows relationships are what every meeting is really about.


Virtuoso Travel Week 2014 attendees found the JUJAMA interface easy to use, and a big boost to their efficiency as they worked through the conference panels and receptions.

David Bialkowski, Executive Vice President for JUJAMA, attended Virtuoso Travel World 2014 to provide on-site support for conference organizers and attendees—an optional service that JUJAMA offers to each conference it serves. Dave reported that users were delighted with the looks and functionality of the platform. “I’ve had so many attendees tell me ‘The platform just gets better and better every year!’ One attendee posted to the in-conference social feed a couple weeks before the event to say ‘Love Travel Exchange! I have made several good contacts already. I requested 10 appts so far in Cruise Café and am looking forward to hearing back from these.’”

Dave continued, “This type of remark demonstrates how useful attendees find the platform during the preparation phase, and we know from platform statistics that users continue to use the platform during the conference, and again afterwards to follow up with contacts. The JUJAMA platform’s unique design—available before, during and after the event—makes it possible for attendees to be very thorough in their networking efforts.”

Adam McIlwee, Director of Social Media Strategy for JUJAMA, also attended Virtuoso Travel Week 2014 to support the attendees and organizers of the event. He said, “The attendees found the Travel Exchange mobile app very easy to use, and many took advantage of it to set up 15-minute meetings as well as after-hours meetings. In addition to the mobile app on attendees’ personal smartphones, we also provided several public kiosks loaded with the JUJAMA platform, for those who wanted to print out the personal schedule they had created from the central agenda, plus their own designated meetings.”


Amelia Ross, Event Technologist at Virtuoso, enjoyed having the extra onsite support. “The JUJAMA onsite team was great at Virtuoso Travel Week. They jumped right in to help and made my week so much nicer by their willingness to pitch in. They were professional, polite and pleasant, and we greatly appreciated their work.”

Nadia Dailey said, “JUJAMA has been glad to support Virtuoso Travel Week as the event has grown over the years, with 2014 attendance 8% greater than the previous year, and 13% higher than 2012. We believe that the enriched conference experience provided by the JUJAMA app has contributed to attendee productivity and the growth of this premium event. We are delighted to be part of Virtuoso’s work!”

The Customer's Perspective

"We worked collaboratively with JUJAMA from Day 1, and together crafted a customized solution that exceeded not only my expectations but, more importantly, those of our very demanding customers. The JUJAMA platform and team played a strong role in the overall success of our conference."
David Hansen
CFO and SVP of Virtuoso Events