It's a network, it's a community, it's a place where life-long relationships are forged. It brings event communities together and holds them together, conference to conference, providing you with a way to market, promote, and deliver your message.

What We Offer:

  • An integrated conference agenda, meeting scheduler, and networking tool
  • New opportunities to sell sponsorships
  • A social networking platform for your event
  • Seamless integration with other social media platforms
  • Real-time polling for sessions and speakers
  • Interactive floor plans
  • It's MOBILE! Customized for YOUR EVENT.

How do we do it?

Simple: we create a community with the industry's most powerful event-driven social networking platform; we make it easy for you and your attendees; and we leverage technology to help your bottom line.

At JUJAMA, relationships are our lifeblood. For years we have been using events and conferences to meet new people, discover new ideas, and grow our businesses. We know how important meetings are, and we created JUJAMA to make them better—for us and for you. Our founders have a thirty-year record of success in a variety of fields: biotechnology research and development, business, finance, and technology. Through it all we've believed in building relationships, listening to customers, and delivering superior products. It's the something special that makes your meeting, conference, or convention into an event. It's the glue that brings your event community together, and keeps the community together long after the event is done.

Product Packages

Our People:

Our Technology

Hundreds of features, a world of interaction, one solution

What can JUJAMA offer your attendees?

A full social network platform

Share posts and documents, send messages, schedule meetings, organize groups and events—everything that connects your attendees.

An unparalleled one on one tool

Your clients can search each others' expertise and interests, send and reply to meeting requests, and the system takes care of the scheduling.

A private community

Your event network lives at JUJAMA, and clients can pull profile information from LinkedIn or publish status updates to Twitter and Facebook.


It's so easy your attendees will wish every conference went JUJAMA!


Just how easy are we to work with? Here's what we give you:

Complete 24/7 technical support

We hold your hand from early consulting through the event itself. If it breaks, we'll fix it, anywhere, anytime.

Logistical assistance

We work with your event planner and facilities managers to ensure that event times and meeting spaces in the system match up with your program.


JUJAMA can stand on its own or tie in to your registration system, your event program, your membership list, and more. It's up to you.

Near- and long-term solutions

Build a community for one meeting, or leverage the platform across multiple or future events.

Full user support

Training sessions familiarize you and your attendees with the system, and during the event we can offer live chat, phone, or on-site assistance.


Here's what JUJAMA can add to your business

Improved user experience

Happy attendees are repeat attendees. JUJAMA helps your attendees get more out of this year's meeting, ensuring they'll be back next year.

Increased buzz

Your target audience is already used to working with social network platforms. We plug into that to make your event cutting-edge, publicize it on multiple platforms, and drive additional registrations.

New revenue streams

You can leverage the JUJAMA platform and attendees' time on it for new sponsorship options.

Data-driven insights

Data mining unearths hidden insights on your attendees and their behavior so you learn things about your event that you never knew before.

Want to talk about how JUJAMA can be the solution for your event? Contact us today for a free demonstration and to talk to one of our account managers.

Who We Work With

JUJAMA works with organizations holding events in all industries and collaborates with them to provide a user-friendly online environment where attendees can build profiles, search other attendees, exchange information, network and exchange information, review agendas, and schedule onsite, face-to-face meetings, and last-minute schedule changes during conference events.

Industry Sectors We Work With:

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