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Powerful Features, Affordable Price

Social Feed

Engage your attendees with your own, private social network for your event. Anyone can post their thoughts or photos and mention people, companies, sessions or sponsors.

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Key Benefits

  • Create a feeling of community
  • Rich content sharing for all attendees
  • A key area for sponsorship
  • Attendee promotions and networking
  • Photos, video, and documents

Just like other social media apps, Jujama’s in-event, private social feed offers a place for attendees to update their status: adding pictures, videos, or documents.

Following posts and using trending hashtags within the feed are a great way to spark discussions and connect with other attendees. Attendees can see what others are posting about the conference, offering the opportunity to like and comment on others’ posts, as well as share these posts on their personal Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.  

An attendee can mention people, companies, and even sessions in posts and comments. Mentioning another person tags their profile in the post, notifying the user of the post and allowing others viewing the post to explore their profile with a simple tap on their name.

Conference organizers have the opportunity to include sponsorship advertisements within the social feed and can choose to have them show up in-line or pin the post to the top.

Powerful Networking

Allow attendees to network through rich profiles, email-based messaging, and a private social network.

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Key Benefits

  • Rich attendee and company profiles
  • Email-based Messaging
  • Private Social Feed

By combining the features available within the Jujama apps — an attendee is empowered to network with event attendees like never before.

Secure and private, yet powerful and easy-to-use. Attendees can find who they are looking for, start an email conversation, and follow up after the event.

Attendee Profiles

Allow your attendees to introduce themselves to one another with full bios and profile photos. All profile data can be optional and can be turned on/off by the Organizer.

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Attendees will have access to a complete list of those people added to the system, allowing them to learn more from bios, photos, and documents and encouraging networking. 


Push Alerts

Push alerts let you update attendees in real-time. Busy? Let the system send scheduled alerts and messages to your attendees.

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Key Benefits

  • Instant push alerts on demand
  • Scheduled messages
  • Excellent Sponsorship exposure
  • Actionable

Keep your attendees “in the know” with push alerts directly to their mobile device.

Jujama offers both instant and schedule push alerts that allow conference organizers to send out reminders of upcoming events or other get-togethers that may come up over the course of the event through device notifications to all attendees who have enabled push-notifications to be sent to their phones.

Prime sponsor exposure can be gained by using push alerts. Conference organizers can choose to sell or offer sponsors to have their content appear through push alerts. Just as easily as sponsors can send out their push notifications, users can use the app to request meetings with said sponsor, providing all around benefits.


Showcase your event’s full schedule — single track, multi-track, multi-day with a powerful search. Attendees can create their own curated schedule to be sure they get the most from your event.

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Key Benefits

  • Full offline search capability
  • Single or Multi-track
  • Highly configurable
  • Session grouping
  • Attendees can manage personal schedule

Reduce printing costs and keep attendees up to date, even with last minute changes. The agenda is an interactive, all-inclusive list of sessions in an easy-to-read format on desktop, tablet, and mobile. Each session can contain rich content including time, location, relative documents, speaker profiles, session notes, and more.

By using the Agenda an attendee can build their own personal schedule to know where to be and when for the duration of the event.

Sponsorship opportunities within the Agenda are strewn throughout the app – such as Session Sponsors.



Register, set-up, pay, and launch your event all on your own schedule. We’ll be here if you need us. 

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Jujama Lite is a fast, easy-to-use, light version of the Jujama event app. After signing up for free, you’ll receive an email with admin account credentials. Use those credentials to login to the admin platform. Once logged into the admin platform, use the step-by-step wizard to add an event.


Floor Plans

Large venue? No problem. Provide floor plans for your attendees to navigate the space easily and find their next session.

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Basic plans can be included to give your attendees a sense of direction.

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