Pricing for single and multiple events.

Everything you need, nothing you don't.


Appropriate for events that do not require polling or networking features but still want an engaging experience.


per event

Everything you need to manage your event

White Label app available upon request

excludes polling, one-to-one meetings


Build a unique solution just for your events.

Best suited for events that need custom service integrations, customized app features, data import or syncing features, etc.

  • SLA


Desktop & Mobile App

Available before, during, and after the event.


Session titles, location, speakers, sponsors and much more.


Profiles, bios, search, ratings, notes.


Showcase sponsors with full information or ask about our other opportunities.


Logos, Profiles, Attendees.


Push notifications, internal alerts, direct messaging.

Personalized Branding

Logos, graphics, colors, menus.

Interactive Floorplan

Location, floorplan information, etc.

Social Media

Non-interactive integrations.

Personal Schedule

Mark agenda items for attending.

Social Feed

Posts, Likes, Comments, Hashtags. All private.

One-to-one Meetings

Schedule appointments with attendees and speakers.


Direct and one-to-many messaging.

Media-Rich Profiles

Avatars, documents, videos, notes.


Attendees earn points for completing tasks.


Direct polling of attendees for immediate feedback.


Near Field Communication device integration.

Electronic Business Cards

Create multiple cards to share with others. Request cards.

Session Check-in

Check into any session to gauge interest.


Attendees can keep notes on people, speakers, sessions, etc.

Things Around Me

Find restaurants, hotels, travel, etc.


Discussion topics, posts, photos, video.

Photo Gallery

Allow attendees to share photos into a collective gallery.


Ask for feedback on sessions or the entire event.


Automatically pair individuals based on interest.

Live Session Polling

Poll attendees directly following a session.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Multiple sponsorship opportunities are available throughout the app.

Personalized App

We understand that not all events fit the mold. While we do offer some out-of-the-box solutions, we're happy to take your event app to the next level so that it can handle everything your event has to offer. Give us a call today to talk about customized solutions, multiple integration points, advanced features, and more. This ala carte option is suited for needs of all sizes.

Volume Discounts and Multiple Event Pricing

We offer multiple event pricing for organizations that hold more than 3, 10, 50, 250 events or more per year. If your organization requires multiple event pricing, please contact us to receive a custom quote.

API Integration

We have the flexibility to offer both simple and complex API’s to pull in registration from other systems, agendas, attendee lists and other important data you have worked to collect. For content gathered into a management system, we offer API integration with multiple file formats and services like ETouches, EventRebels, SalesForce, and others.

To learn more about API Integrations we offer or to discuss a custom solution, please contact us to receive a custom quote.