Mobile and Desktop Event Apps

Robust, feature-packed, and built from the ground up with the conference organizer and their attendees in mind, our event apps enable Better Event Experiences.

Capable, Reliable

Our desktop and mobile event apps are feature packed, customizable, and built to scale to fit the needs of any event large or small.

Human Customer Service

Putting on an event is a big task. We want to make it easier for you. Our customer service reps are ready to help you get the job done.

Attendee Engagement and the Features that Help

Jujama offers many sponsorship opportunities

Maximize Sponsor Exposure

Prime exposure for your top-tier sponsors

Offer your sponsors the best sponsorship features such as push notifications, splash screens, banners, sponsored posts on the social feed, and even gaming options.

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • We worked collaboratively with JUJAMA from Day 1, and together crafted a customized solution that exceeded not only my expectations but, more importantly, those of our very demanding customers. The JUJAMA platform and team played a strong role in the overall success of our conference.

    David Hansen
    CFO and SVP of Virtuoso Events

  • I thought the app worked great and was very useful to help me keep track of my schedule and other logistics.  I also appreciated the notifications to inform me of the goings-on and any important changes.

    Jared Berman
    U.S. Cellular, at Cleantech Innovation Summit by IBF

  • On behalf of BioNJ, I want to thank JUJAMA for providing excellent service before, during and after our April 2014 BioNJ International BioPartnering Conference! JUJAMA always goes the extra mile in providing immediate service to meet our every need. It is such a relief to know that this aspect of the conference always runs so smoothly!

    Judy Applebaum
    Conference Manager, BioNJ

  • I don’t know how we could have done some of our events without JUJAMA. Their customer service is unparalleled, they’re cost-effective and they’re willing to adapt. As we have expanded, they’ve grown with us. JUJAMA is our favorite partnering system vendor!

    Karen DeLone
    Vice President Member Services & Programs, Pennsylvania Biotechnology Association

  • JUJAMA’s online platform is superb not only for the users, but also for the event administrator. Users can connect on the social networking platform before, during, and after an event. In addition, administrators can monitor platform activity and utilize tools for post-event reporting purposes. JUJAMA’s customer service is absolutely impeccable; their dedicated team is always quick to respond to requests. I highly recommend their services.

    Pamela Fincher
    CSEP Business & Technology Development, NC Biotechnology Center

Product Feature: Create, Share, and Exchange Business Cards in Jujama

Trying to get the most out of your time at each conference can be a challenge. Growing your network is a key goal most attendees hope to accomplish but managing all those business cards can become a hassle. Using the Jujama app makes networking easier, allowing the user to exchange business cards electronically, making networking […]

The Next Decade of Jujama

We have designed a new brand-identity for Jujama that matches where our focus and internal culture already are and that better reflects the mature company Jujama has become. We believe this new brand properly represents where we are and where we’re going over the next decade.

Tips for making an effective event badge

In today’s post we’re going to provide practical tips for making an effective event badge. Why is this an issue? Often times event coordinators can think of the badge as an afterthought when in reality it can add a lot of value to your event if designed to be effective. Anyone can create a name […]

How Event App Sponsorships Benefit the Sponsor

Securing sponsors for your event app can have a huge impact your event’s budget – and your attendees’ experience. Treat app sponsorships like a marketing investment, and make sure the companies you’re courting to sponsor your app know these three things before they make a decision.