Considering that over 150 million Americans* regularly play video games, bringing that excitement to your event should be at the top of your to-do list! Gamification is not overrated, but is often underused. Here are three intriguing ways to use gaming at your next event:

  1. Implement a Scavenger Hunt to navigate attendees through your conference space.
    Want your attendees to visit exhibitor booths? Incentivize and give them a reason. Attendees can use the JUJAMA app to find and scan items that are part of a scavenger hunt to earn points and land them a top-ranking spot on the leaderboard. As a bonus to you, ask exhibitors to pay for this extra traffic!
  2. Use In-App gaming to engage users and focus their interest on important in-app information
    If your event’s priority is networking, get your attendees “Making Moves” — adding points to in-app actions, like scheduling meetings or completing their profile, can motivate users to visit certain areas of the app and complete certain tasks.
  3. Create quizzes to encourage friendly competition amongst attendees
    People thrive on competition — whether it’s for a prize or leaderboard spot! Engage your audience and get them to play along with some trivia questions or challenges.

(*SOURCE: Entertainment Software Association)