With so much uncertainty ahead as the coronavirus continues to spread and fear sets in, what does this mean for the conference and events industry? Events are postponing or canceling, and the numbers will continue to increase with travel bans and the possibility of border closures. In trying to weather the storm, virtual events might be a solution.

In a recent article published by EventMB, Julius Solaris indicates that Events aren’t going anywhere — but at least until travel bans are lifted and COVID-19 concerns subside, bringing events online offers options and invaluable learning opportunities.

Jujama’s web-based and mobile applications can deliver the content and connections necessary for the show to go on.

Agenda and Speakers
Streaming services would work for speakers to give their talks and present their slide decks from their computer or mobile device where ever they are comfortable doing so.  Panel sessions and sponsorship advertisements between sessions can keep attendees engaged in real-time. This content can be tagged to the agenda for continued access. Jujama is well prepared to deliver, and conferences can be ready to brace for this disturbance in an untraditional face-to-face way. 

Exhibitors can build profiles, load videos and documents, and any other content that attendees can search. Exhibitors can “go live” with product and service overviews. Meetings can be booked and scheduled with exhibitors. Analytics can be provided to the exhibitors to replicate foot traffic. 

Attendees can build profiles that include documents, videos and interests. With our advanced search functionality, attendees can be connecting and exchanging messages just as easy as meeting in the hall. 

One-to-One/Group Meetings
A virtual meeting doesn’t have to eliminate face to face connections that take place at the event. These can be arranged through the platform in advance of the virtual meeting going live and can take place at designated times, just as they would on-site.

Based on interests, the system will make suggestions of company and attendee matches and virtual meet and greets can be arranged. 

In-app gaming can keep attendees engaged with leaderboards and prizes! Building profiles, setting up meetings, “walking” the exhibitor floor will earn attendees points and get others to join in on the action. 

In addition to traditional sponsorship tabs, sponsors can also run ads in between sessions. Sponsors have even greater exposure to attendees. 

Online Polling, Continuing Education Certification, Voting
Audiences can be engaged by participating in live polls or voting. Along with those tools, you can offer continuing education through eLearning. 

Private and Public groups allow attendees to break into areas of interest for brainstorming and the sharing of ideas. 

If you would like to explore the many features and functionalities Jujama has to offer, please reach out to us for a demo