What a year. It’ll be no surprise when 2020 is discussed in history classes around the world. In the beginning, the event industry was struck with angst, then restrictions limiting gatherings quickly followed. Event organizers were left scrambling to either cancel or modify their format, as in-person events were just too risky or not allowed at all. Events had already been utilizing technology companies for weeks to prepare their event content, so it was natural to lean on them during this troubling time. In March, Jujama made the decision to pivot to virtual.

Jujama had a sharp advantage over competitors. In addition to a mobile app, Jujama already had a seamless desktop solution. With their development team working tirelessly, Jujama was able to push updates to the desktop solution with virtual components in just over 4 weeks. Recognizing the need for continued improvements, Jujama launched a full desktop platform redesign with a more enhanced virtual feature set during the Summer of 2020, just months after the shake-up began.

What’s Next

With a vaccine on the horizon, some are hopeful that events will return in person, while others have adjusted to the work-from-home and virtual lifestyle. This dual mindset paves the way for a hybrid event model and Jujama is prepared. Both our mobile and desktop apps have been adapted to combine a seamless in-person event platform and welcome virtual attendees to join the experience with video meetings, live streaming sessions, and more.

If you would like to explore the many features and functionalities Jujama has to offer, please reach out to us for a demo.

A Heartfelt Thank You

First and foremost, thank you to those on the front-line of this pandemic — your compassion and sacrifices are greatly appreciated. To our own Jujama family, especially the development team, thank you for working so hard to ensure our company’s future. And, to our clients, thank you for having the faith in our company to get your events through this difficult time. We are so grateful you stuck with us, provided feedback, and are by our side moving forward.

Wishing you and your loved ones a HEALTHY and HAPPY New Year!