An Event Networking App—Beyond the Basics

Providing a networking experience with your event app can mean the difference between unhappy attendees or engaged and productive participants.

A next level experience

A Next-Level Experience

Your event app should help streamline your attendee’s experience. When the bottom-line goal is for attendees to create meaningful change, it’s important to give them the tools to do it.

secure sign on

A Secure Networking App

Security is important. Whether high-profile or not, security is a top priority! Our networking option provides a secure login with private contact information, but still allows for direct communication between attendees.

3 Ways to Use Gaming at Your Next Event

Considering that over 150 million Americans* regularly play video games, bringing that excitement to your event should be at the top of your to-do list!

VIDEO: Your Event Needs an App

Check out our video here and then call us to start your next-level conference experience!

Cutting-Edge Technologies

These are some of the most recent cutting-edge technologies being found on your smart phone and mobile apps. JUJAMA has begun deploying them in a variety of applications including gaming, scavenger hunts, and campus tours…

Matchmaking — The #1 Tool for Effective Networking

JUJAMA has perfected the most streamlined way to match up attendees for networking at your event. Give JUJAMA a call and ask about adding Matchmaking to your conference event app.