Four reasons why your app needs custom branding

When you picture the mobile app for your next event, what does it look like? Remember that this event app is made specifically for your event, and if you chose the right app provider, it was custom made to address the unique needs of the conference organizer and the event’s attendees. The app wouldn’t exist if your event didn’t demand it.

So again, when you picture the mobile for your next event, what does it look like? Your event app should look like your event.

Custom branding an app is the process of adding an organization’s logo, color scheme, and any other brand-identifiers to your event’s mobile app. While some providers only provide preset templates that define the look, feel, and functionality of your event app, we understand the importance of having a mobile app that looks like it belongs to your event. Here are three reasons custom branding is so important for your next conference app:

  1. It makes your app easily recognizable. Your app should be an extension of your event, and if the two don’t have the same branding, the importance of the app to your event might be lost on attendees. Instead of choosing a provider that offers generic layouts and templates, make sure your app provider can match the layout of your app with the branding of your organization or event.
  2. It keeps your brand fresh in the attendee’s mind. There should never be any confusion as to who is putting on such an awesome event for attendees, so don’t let them forget! Custom branding allows you to keep your brand’s name and identity in front of attendees every time they use the app, so if they are having positive experiences using the app, that positive experience will be associated with your brand.
  3. It makes sponsors happy. Offering sponsorship opportunities through your event app is a great way to maximize your event app’s ROI, and companies will be much more likely to want to sponsor an app that makes their organization appear as an integral part of the event – not just banner on a generic networking platform with no apparent ties to the event itself.
  4. It shows attendees that you care. When attendees are making a personal investment into your event – whether it’s with their time, travel, or registration costs – they are doing so because they know the return will be worth it. Custom brand your app to present attendees with something that shows their investment was well spent.

If you’re an event organizer, don’t cheat yourself, your attendees, and potential sponsors out of a quality app experience with a generic, cookie-cutter layout. Contact us today to get help with a custom branded app for your next event!