According to the 2017 Edition of the Event App Bible, the five most influential factors considered by event professionals when choosing an event app are price, app provider location, web/native capabilities, features, and the app provider’s credentials. While we can’t deny that each one of those factors should play a strong influence in an event organizer’s decision, we know that there are a few other, often-overlooked selling points that should weigh equally heavy when finding the perfect company to power your app. Here are the three can’t-miss components of an event app provider that will have a huge impact on your ROI, app adoption rates, and overall event satisfaction:

    1. Customer service. An app provider’s customer service should not be limited to troubleshooting technical issues and should be thought of as a partnership between the event organizer and the provider’s customer service team. If an app developer’s process is to create the framework of an app and hand it off to you, the event organizer, to do the rest – populate speakers, schedule registration e-mails and announcements, reset passwords – you can end up doubling your workload. Choose an app provider that works with you – or better yet, handles the more tedious aspects of operating an app for you – to help maximize time saved and stress reduced.
    2. Reporting capabilities. Understanding how to use the data and analytics functionality of your event app is crucial for pinpointing exactly what worked at your event – and more importantly, what you can improve on for next year. Be sure that your app provider offers not only comprehensive, event-wide analytics that will help you drill down on different focus areas of your event, but also works with you to help you better understand what those analytics mean for you, your attendees, and next year’s event. Check out this blog post for a few suggestions for understanding your app’s data.
    3. Security. Several JUJAMA-powered events chose us because we understand the importance of keeping an event’s app private and secure for all users. Don’t compromise your event app’s security – and the privacy of your event’s attendees – by overlooking security as a major priority. The most basic of these security features is the use of password protected credentials, but a worthwhile provider should also be able to work with any special privacy needs your event requires. Learn how one banking association was able to benefit from a highly-secure event app in this case study.

A slick design and low price tag might make an app attractive, but it’s functionally and quality support that leave the biggest impact on both attendee and event organizer alike. Keep our can’t-miss components in mind the next time you consider your event app priorities, and if you’d like to learn more, simply get in touch with us.