In 2009 the conference technology industry was nearly nonexistent. Even the idea of a native mobile app had only been born the year prior. Mobile device sizes were relatively few. And mobile internet connections were slower and inconsistent.

That was what the world looked like when Jujama was founded. Yet we saw how bright the future would be.

Today our highly customizable, white label mobile and desktop apps are used on devices of hundreds of shapes and sizes. And connections to the web are ubiquitous, affordable, and reaching speeds that rival (and in some areas surpass) land-based connections.

We feel that the next decade will only see the speed of innovation increase in these key areas; mobile device performance, screen-size fragmentation, human interface options like AR/VR, and internet connection speed and ubiquity into areas of the world that today may not have any connection at all. This is the world we’re planning for today. And these are things we keep in mind when building the next versions of our solutions for our customers.

To that end, we have designed a new brand-identity for Jujama that matches where our focus and internal culture already are and that better reflects the mature company Jujama has become. We believe this new brand properly represents where we are and where we’re going over the next decade.

We are very proud of our accomplishments as a company, team, and platform of services to-date. The customers we work with allow us to deliver the very best experiences possible. However, we’re ready to make the next leap and embrace what comes next. With that said, we are doubling-down on our internal processes, platform reliability, and product experiences to continue to deliver the very best next-generation conference experiences to our customers and their attendees.

You can expect many updates to our products, platform, and services in the coming months that directly reflect this internal focus. We think you’re going to love what you see!

You’ll begin to see this new logo mark showing up as our avatar on services like Twitter and Facebook and Instagram but also as an the icon for our mobile container app on iOS and Android, on our printed material and our exhibit booth.

Our New Web Site

Have a look around. Our refreshed web site has much of the same marketing information as our previous design, but we’ve refreshed it a little. And we plan on continuing to do so regularly. Our mission and message are clearer than ever before to new customers seeking the best possible solution to their needs as conference organizers.

We also have launched an all-new blog where we will be publishing new use cases, feature announcements, industry news, how-to articles, and much more on a regular basis.

If you’d like to subscribe to our blog you can do so via email, RSS, or follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get the latest updates delivered to you directly.

I would like to thank all of our customers and business partners for your continued support. We look forward to the road ahead and all of the amazing things we’re going to do together!