A new, streamlined, affordable event management platform.

The Jujama Event Management Platform has enhanced and empowered thousands of events worldwide to provide Better Event Experiences. Many of our customers have complex needs with numerous integrations across many software platforms.

However, we have heard from a different group of people – those with less complex needs but the same desire to drive engagement for their events – to offer a platform with a more streamlined, self-serve approach.

Today we are excited to be introducing Jujama Lite – built on top of our highly scalable, secure, and reliable event management platform – with a simple yet powerful set of features that we are sure will meet the needs of many event organizers.

We have just opened the doors on this new platform and we are eager to learn and grow this new product along with the needs of this customer. If you would like to learn more and give it a try, visit jujama.com/lite

Signing up is free. Pay only when you are ready. Just $999 per event. Simple.