Jujama’s journey began in 2010 with the launch of a system built to enhance attendee engagement and amplify the overall event experience. We enter the year 2020, 10 years later, with a popular, robust product that has been successful in accomplishing that goal. We look forward to sharing what’s in store for Jujama and our clients this year.

We’re proud to release Jujama Connect 10.0 in the iOS App Store and the Google Play App Store. Please be sure to update to the latest version of our app to enjoy the very latest features and improvements.

Here are our 10 Year Anniversary 10.0 release highlights:

In-App Notification Panel

To better inform attendees of important event information and any messages, meeting requests, tags they receive, etc., we’ve created a robust in-app notification panel. Attendees will receive a notification, along with an indicator count. Attendees will be able to tap or click each notification to be taken to the respective action.

Agenda Grouping

Within the agenda, a main session can now be selected with sub-sessions added beneath to allow for a grouped session appearance. This will be helpful to events with session breakouts and concurrent sessions. We hope this makes it easier for your attendees to choose the session that’s right for them.

Other updates on this release:

  • New: Interactive floor plan for session and meeting locations
  • New: Improved caching of agenda, social feed, presentation, and floor plan
  • New: Message count indicator for meeting comments
  • New: Ability to hide specific types of posts on the social feed
  • Fixed: Other bug fixes and performance improvements

We release updates to our major version of the Jujama Connect regularly. To stay up to date with our updates, please follow us on Facebook, TwitterInstagram, or LinkedIn. If you have an issue with our app please feel free to email our support team.