2020 marks a decade that Jujama has been building and delivering technology that provides “Better Event Experiences” for conference attendees around the world. But, what makes Jujama different? We asked our CEO, Nadia Dailey, for key factors that have contributed to their happy clients:

Build with the attendee in mind
For conferences to grow year over year, it is important to deliver an experience that keeps attendees coming back. Let’s face it, attending a conference is expensive. Employers expect some sort of return, whether it be an advancement in learning or a business deal that was forged. Attendees are looking to maximize their time on-site, therefore the technology provided to them has to allow them to navigate efficiently.

Allow for scale and personalization
Event apps are not that old and are continuously evolving: The Apple AppStore went live in July of 2008 and Google arrived in 2012 — two years after Jujama was founded. Jujama has over a decade of experience building a robust platform with over 40 features and functionality that might not be necessary for every event, but is certainly important for many others. The ability for our clients to be able to scale our platform up or down and to personalize this experience, especially over time really sets us apart from other app providers.

Listen to the needs of the organizer
There are plenty of cookie cutter or out-of-the-box platforms where conference organizers try and fit their event into these systems. It is important that we listen to each of our clients’ needs and fit our solution into their event to deliver an experience that really captures the needs of their attendees. With our ability to scale and personalize, we can do just that. We want our technology to solve any obstacle they may have or provide a new idea that another vendor was not able to build.

Provide the best service possible
Our customers are our foundation, so it is important they can rely on us and trust us. With 24/7 global support, there is never a time we can’t be reached with questions or for help. The UCLA Development Group captures the heart of our commitment to our clients: “Special thank you to Colleen as well for being SO patient with our team and meeting our demands in a very timely fashion. On multiple occasions my team would ask for something and Colleen would be able to step in, make creative suggestions, offer quick solutions and provide detailed instructions on how to complete the task at hand. There was even a point where we had too many cooks in the kitchen and Colleen remained VERY professional and was able to deal with us, no problem. Colleen made learning this app very easy. She was always ready to step in and help us with whatever we needed, and her efforts saved us headaches and minimized confusion amongst the team.”

Build long term relationships
Our commitment to our employees and our customers go hand in hand. Most of our employees have carried over with us through our other business ventures which truly says a lot. If you build relationships around trust, then everything falls into place.

Do the heavy lifting
Bringing a technology on board for the first time or switching to a new vendor can be overwhelming. Having to learn something new and being resistant to change are the top two reasons why event organizers fear switching to a new system. We provide the heavy lifting as an extension of your staff so that our clients can focus on their meeting and we can onboard the process seamlessly. We have the expertise to take your data or that which may reside in another system and port it over automatically. We provide you with best-in-class processes as to how (and when) to launch, how to get attendees logged in, and making the app a destination they keep coming back to.

App concierge onsite
We believe the onsite app experience is crucial for attendees. Having experts onsite to help navigate is important: Assistance to speakers using the live polling technology puts them at ease; Managing one-to-one networking meetings so that attendees can be directed where to go or how to set up meetings onsite. Many times, the app is being downloaded for the first time upon arrival, so onsite app support is necessary. Onsite support as part of our service has been extraordinarily valuable to our clients.

There are many app vendors that have come (and gone) over the past 10 years, all ranging in price and appearing to deliver the same basic features. But, just like a car will get you from point A to point B, it is the experience along the way that sets each apart. There is not an event too small or too large for Jujama and we have options available for all budgets — all with the same valued commitment we give to each of our customers.