BioProScheduler Maximizes Conference Delegates’ Engagement At Every Event

BioProSchedulerBioProScheduler is a nimble and streamlined scheduling tool that enables easy scheduling of conference meetings for groups of event attendees ranging from individuals to large delegations. Created by JUJAMA, BioProScheduler is ideal for delegates attending pharmaceutical, biotechnology and bio-medical investment conferences that feature many offsite meetings.

BioProScheduler eliminates the quagmire of Excel tracking and Outlook invites by offering a fully populated contact database according to your specifications, plus instant meeting invitations that result in emails to all participants with the date, time and location of the get-together.

And BioProScheduler accommodates last-minute changes at the event itself, letting you re-deploy your personnel to take advantage of last-minute opportunities while keeping all your bases covered.

Read a case study on how BioProScheduler is used by AstraZeneca and Merck.

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