Considering that over 150 million Americans* regularly play video games, bringing that excitement to your event should be at the top of your to-do list! Gamification is not overrated, but is often underused. Here are three intriguing ways to use gaming at your next event: Implement a Scavenger Hunt to navigate attendees through your conference […]

Nah…It doesn’t rhyme or have alliteration going for it, but it sure is exciting! While there’s been a lot going on in the event app industry, with Apple’s guideline changes and the new “container” app model picking up steam, JUJAMA decided now is the time to release Version 4.0 of our app — including a complete […]

JUJAMA is now 8 years into building web based conference and event software and nearly 7 years into building conference apps. We were the first at the web and very early in mobile app solutions! When we began there were many questions as to whether mobile apps would be replaced by alternative programming technologies, however, […]

JUJAMA’s technical team has developed a custom Salesforce API integration to our mobile event apps. This integration automates adding and updating attendees, sponsors, exhibitors, and agenda items based on complex custom Salesforce objects and business rules. This saves our client tremendous effort and time automating a previously painful and laborious process to load and maintain […]

JUJAMA has done some outstanding things this year to improve the lives of our event professional clients. From integrating new technology to continuously improving our services, JUJAMA has had a successful and innovative 2017.  #EventProfs 1. Advanced Application Programming Interface (API) Integrations – JUJAMA has programmed custom API’s to further assist our conference and event organizers […]

There has been a lot said and written about Apple recently changing their app submission guidelines regarding apps that have similar functionality or those that are based off similar code. (Guidelines 4.2.6 and 4.3) This change has impacted (or will shortly) many different app vendors that specialize in white label apps, verticals, or app generation. […]

At JUJAMA, we take great pride in our customer service to ensure our #EventProfs can run the most successful events. We take our time to configure the perfect event app for your conference or event. It warms our heart to know that our clients are happy with our services. These customers and their teams took […]

Robert W. Naismith, PhD, holds a lead role at JUJAMA, serving not only as our chairman, but as our innovator and mentor. He challenges the JUJAMA family to strive for excellence in everything we do. This week, we would like to congratulate him on his accomplishments outside his work here. The write up for the […]

JUJAMA, the leading provider of medical event apps, is pleased to be able to once again build a custom mobile conference app (app download) for the CNS Summit to be held in Boca Raton November 16-19, 2017. The CNS Summit has become the premiere event for all those involved in clinical development to meet, network, […]

Celebrating its 150th anniversary, Oregon State University has partnered with JUJAMA to provide a mobile solution for visitors attending the four festivals taking place during the course of the 18 month celebration.  The Space Grant Festival was the kick-off event, which took place in August during the weekend of the total eclipse, hosting an estimated […]