Celebrating its 150th anniversary, Oregon State University has partnered with JUJAMA to provide a mobile solution for visitors attending the four festivals taking place during the course of the 18 month celebration.  The Space Grant Festival was the kick-off event, which took place in August during the weekend of the total eclipse, hosting an estimated […]

You may have heard about recent changes to Apples app submission guidelines. Instead of taking a knee-jerk reaction with a “cheerful” approach to funnel people into cookie-cutter apps, JUJAMA understands that all events are not the same. While we can no longer “white-label” apps, due to Apple guidelines, we can still provide a unique solution […]

According to the 2015 Edition of the Event App Bible, the five most influential factors considered by event professionals when choosing an event app are price, app provider location, web/native capabilities, features, and the app provider’s credentials. While we can’t deny that each one of those factors should play a strong influence in an event organizer’s decision, we know that there are a few other, often-overlooked selling points that should weigh equally heavy when finding the perfect company to power your app. Here are the three can’t-miss components of an event app provider that will have a huge impact on your ROI, app adoption rates, and overall event satisfaction

Four reasons why your app needs custom branding

When you picture the mobile app for your next event, what does it look like? Remember that this event app is made specifically for your event, and if you chose the right app provider, it was custom made to address the unique needs of the conference organizer and the event’s attendees. The app wouldn’t exist if your event didn’t demand it.

Don't Get Left Behind! 10 event app terms you must know

Things are changing fast in event technology. Mobile event apps and integrated technologies like e-beacons are rapidly becoming the new normal. Don’t miss the boat—here are the ten conference app terms you must know to stay competitive.

5 Surefire Ways To Improve Event App Adoption

Have you had disappointing adoption rates for your event app? Or you’re worried your first app may not be used by attendees? Here are five surefire ways to get attendees excited about using your event app.

When it comes to budgeting for an event app—especially if it’s your first one—you may have to explain the value of the app to the people holding the purse strings. You know the app is going to provide a world of value to your attendees, but you may be struggling to put that value into words. So here are some key points to make sure your budget supervisor understands.

How to use the data from your event app

Event apps provide the conference organizer with a wealth of information that can be used to improve both this year’s event and future ones as well. By harvesting your conference app data, you can prevent problems at your current event and plan effectively so that next year’s conference is even better and more engaging for attendees. Here’s how to make it happen.

4 Things JUJAMA Did This Year to Improve Your Life

JUJAMA celebrated some wonderful milestones in 2014, and every one of them was a move we made to make life better for our event professional customers – or a nice piece of recognition we got for doing so! Here are four innovations we undertook this year – and an award we won because of it!

How Event App Sponsorships Benefit the Sponsor

Securing sponsors for your event app can have a huge impact your event’s budget – and your attendees’ experience. Treat app sponsorships like a marketing investment, and make sure the companies you’re courting to sponsor your app know these three things before they make a decision.