The 38th Annual JP Morgan Healthcare Conference is underway this week and networking meetings are taking place throughout San Francisco, many of which have been scheduled through BioProScheduler Teams, a product of Jujama, Inc.

BioProScheduler has been the product of choice by the leading pharmaceutical, investment banking, venture capital and consulting firms for six consecutive years, allowing executives to forward their business goals by maximizing their ability to network with other attendees. BioProScheduler Teams enables executives to engage other attendees in the most professional, reliable, and efficient manner, and provides the flexibility to accommodate the inevitable last-minute schedule changes by allowing the team to prioritize meetings and deploy appropriate delegates to each one.

Coordinators begin the scheduling process one month prior to leaving for JP Morgan to schedule meetings ranging from two to twenty individuals. At JPMHC, meeting space is always at a premium, and the system tracks delegates and every reserved meeting room the company has, accommodating appropriate venues, such as large or small suites, or working lunches, according to needs.

BioProScheduler makes individuals time-efficient and can fill in any gaps, schedule tweaks, or last-minute accommodations onsite as well. The platform can triage delegates to address every opportunity effectively — whether coordinating a large meeting with a big delegation from another group or arranging for executives to drop in somewhere for a quick meet-and-greet. Coordinating, confirming, and sending calendar reminders are all handled through the system, along with reporting and a mobile app for team members to stay informed in real time.  

Year over year, the number of meetings scheduled through the system continues to grow with some clients scheduling upwards of 650 meetings. Nadia Dailey, CEO of Jujama explains, “We have worked with some of the same valued clients over the past six years building the system to solve every and any situation you can think of that may arise when trying to schedule team meetings for companies that bring a delegation that could range from 6-120 members. People are meeting all over San Francisco, in coffee shops, hallways, private suites, offices, receptions — space is limited and each year attendees are getting more and more creative; therefore, we have to be sure our system can accommodate. Our programming is proprietary and unlike any other system out there. It is fully personalized and can be scaled up or down depending on the unique needs of our clients. Coupled with our customer service and reliability, our clients trust us, and they have to when scheduling hundreds of meetings that include their very senior executives — there can be no room for error.”